About Us

Growing up in her family’s NYC first Generation Greek Restaurant called Uncle Nick’s, paved the way of her dream to be a chef.
Sophia Manatakis Graduated from the French Culinary Institute in 2012.Taking the opportunity to be a sous chef in the Mentor Young Chef competition ignited her self confidence to start cooking on her own.Sophia realized making short term career goals in the cooking world was the key to her happiness.Along the way, she finally started her own cooking company which she cooks privately for people in there homes.

Sophia appeared on Food Network Chopped in 2017. Since being on chopped, doors have opened and Sophia is getting noticed in the culinary world.The Orthodox Christian Network recognized her with the 30 Under 30 Entrepreneurship Award for Culinary Arts at only 24 years old. Today, you can still find Sophia going after each and every dream.
Cooking and traveling as a private Chef from NY NJ and FL.Creating all different kinds of events and unique custom culinary displays.

Her newest passion project is PHIA Early Harvest Extra Virgin Olive Oil from Greece. A custom curated blend of all natural lemon garlic and oregano.Koroneiki blend with high polyphenol content.We are sure you are going to love the true meaning of the Mediterranean diet and the reason why the Greeks live forever.

Sophia Manatakis
Sophia Manatakis